Straight Up Digital | Top 5 Solutions for businesses to do their own SEO

Straight Up Digital’s top 5 solutions for businesses to do their own SEO

Regardless which industry you’re involved in or what you are trying to achieve on the internet, you need to have a very good SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) strategy just to be noticed and to succeed it is critical. SEO is much more than just having a few words jammed in to catch the search engines.

SEO needs to be on every bit of your online content and presence to ensure your business is and remains relevant, competitive, interesting and provides people value for the time they spend with you

To be effective and be able to effectively execute your strategy and then maintain it you simply have to have the right tools to do it.

As per Straight Up Digital these five SEO tools will help you find the solutions to do your own SEO

  1. Rank Tracking Tools

It is so important that you know where you stand in relation to all your competition and it is also important to know when you’re doing it right and when it’s got going well. Algorithm changes can quickly affect your site rankings, so you need a tool that can help tell you what’s going wrong and how to improve it.

You can get a basic idea from free tools, but they lack the advanced functions if you want to monitor your site rankings in depth use tool such as “SEMrush”, “GeoRanker”, “Moz Rank Tracker”, or “Pro Rank Tracker”.

Pro Rank Tracker will allow you to track your rankings for individual sites down to individual cities. This is what you need for local SEO businesses that are not interested in their global rankings. All or most of their sales are in their home town

  1. Keyword Analysis Tools

With all the competition and people using SEO, it has now become almost an art form to find new keywords that can drive traffic to your site. Most words have been used so many times they are almost ineffective. Keyword analyst tools can help remove the guesswork when selecting the best keywords and keyword combinations

“Google Keyword Planner” is a great tool that is fine most of the time, but now and then something extra is needed like “Keyword Tool”, “KWFinder”, the great Ubersuggest” or even “Ahrefs Keywords Explorer”. They are all very easy to use and show results

  1. Site Crawlers

These tools allow you to make an internal audit of your website and all content, this is very important as it keeps things running smoothly. All manner of things shows up that affect SEO including such things as page loading errors, duplicate information, broken links, unreachable pages and many other technical issues

Here are a few great site crawler tools to choose from such as “On Crawl”, “Moz Pro” in their SEO solutions package, “Screaming Frog”, “Dead Link Checker” and “JetOctopus” who provide everything you need in a site crawler. They use a cloud service not a desktop application for the website crawl that speeds up the crawl times especially for large websites

  1. Link Builder Tools

Part of the job of making your site visible to those you are trying to target is having a large number of relevant high quality inbound links for search engines to discover. But this is a very time consuming activity so having a good link builder can save a lot of time and hard work.

A good link builder like “BuzzStream” can help you to identify most of the best sites you should approach to build quality links. This tool can also keep track of many different concurrent campaigns that are all at different stages. This helps you to know where you need to place your attention.

Other good link builders are “SoloSEO Links Manager”, “Majestic”, and “ontolo”

  1. Content Optimization Tools

The most important thing to have a successful website and therefore internet business is having good high quality content to draw people in. Great keywords help but they alone are not enough.

These content optimisation platforms can help you create high quality, relevant content by locating topics from many industries for you to form content from.

“BuzzSumo” helps provide assistance and ideas for content discovery and creation. It also helps by giving insights as to what is trending and why. Other content optimisation tools such as “Social Animal”, “EpicBeat” and “ContentStudio” are also very helpful and “VisioSpark” has developed a free tool similar to Googles Content finder


The other tool that is also important to good SEO is a Link Removing tool to get rid of any low quality backlinks. Google has a free link removal tool that is good enough for most removal issues, but if you want a more powerful one try “CognitiveSEO”


Making sure your site or business is competitive in search rankings is not easy. The constant algorithm updates and lots of competition mean that SEO managers will always be busy. But if you have a good plan in place, the right tools, then your SEO efforts will pay great dividends.