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Straight Up Digital Top 5 things to ask your SEO Company

Search engine optimisation is vital for your business, but our experience at Straight Up Digital finding the right SEO Company to look after your business is also vital.

Hiring the right SEO Company can allow your company to dominate the search engine rankings and give you unlimited high quality targeted traffic that cost nothing for each click.

By having the wrong people doing your SEO, it can become costly in terms of time outlay and loss of potential customers and sales as well as ruining your branding and public reputation.

So what should you look for to find the right people to look after your SEO and internet marketing? Here are five of the top questions to ask your SEO Company:

  1. Personal Contact

Find out who you will be talking with and who will be the people who will actively work on your SEO and Internet marketing campaigns. Many large companies have many people working for them and a huge number of clients so it is important that you have a personal contact who is accountable. It is unlikely your account will be seen by the senior partners of a firm as they tend to only deal with major high paying clients that have huge budgets. Often it is better to find a local boutique style of SEO company if you want the personal touch.


The main advantage of large firms is they have many specialist staff that can work on your projects. But it is important that you are able to work with one person who knows your account and can make decisions and answer any of your questions and instructions. It is also important that you can build a good working relationship together.


You should find out if they will be doing your account in-house or outsourcing the work (many companies now outsource the work to people in third world countries to save money).

Ask if you can meet and talk with all the people who will be working on your account. You want to know about the technical SEO person, the people who will develop your content and build links for your account as well as those who check the performance analysis and do the reporting.

To do your SEO well it involves many skills and often one person, especially with a large website is not able to do everything. So find out the different day to day activities of each team member while they are assigned to work on your account


  1. Ask them how long before you can expect some results from their SEO of your website

This is, of course, a trick question and the answer is it is not possible to predict, but they should be able to answer in an intelligent and professional way.

They should tell you that they will have to completely examine your web presence. Because to achieve results if the top area of search engine rankings takes a lot of web experience, the latest technical knowledge, cutting edge tools as well as the ability to think laterally and unconventionally so your whole web presence is unique and original.


Their answer should include things like:

  • They will evaluate your website for errors and technical issues, plagiarism and duplication
  • They will perform a series of technical analysis of your website, including competitive keyword research

Once they have assessed your website and contents they will give you an honest assessment and a clear idea of what they will have to do to achieve the results you require

Google has stated that if anyone tells you they can guarantee you any high ranking place such as number one on their search engine, then they are either fraudulent or totally incompetent and you should avoid dealing with them.

But it is possible to get a high ranking by being honest and offering high quality informative and high value content that is error free.

  1. Ask about their experience with similar accounts to yours

Ask them about the different real life results they have been involved in achieving for other similar companies and are they willing to show you these. Although you do not need a company that has worked on the same type of accounts before, it is a good idea for them to have an idea of what is required for similar companies.

Have a look at the results see if they have achieved first page rankings and also check the levels of increased traffic compared with before and after as well as conversion rates and leads.

Look for feedback from other clients and go to their own websites and study them so you are aware of what to expect.


  1. Find out just what will be included in their Proposal

Long before you get to the stage of signing a contract you need to be fully aware of just what they are proposing to for you and what it will take for them to do it. You should receive a proposal that includes a technical audit of your website and all content. They should make a detailed timetable and explain the step by step methods they suggest to improve your internet presence

An SEO company that promises you fast results, cheap rates and the best service is a temptation, but the reality is that this is not an area that happens overnight. It usually takes one to two months or longer before you start seeing a significant result. SEO is a long term strategy that gives proven results over time as long as it’s kept up to date

If you want almost instant results, then pay big money for AdWords, but be aware that this is only a short term fix and last only as long as you keep paying, but there is no guaranteeing that your visitors will actually convert to customers.


There is no doubt that properly done SEO is the best method of having a healthy and long lasting internet marketing business, it is also the cheapest way as you pay for what you have not each click when people visit you

  1. The Cost

It is very hard to show just what you are doing and the time required when working on the internet as there is not real physical result. So you need to make sure you ask for a definite costing structure and have a way of gauging the work progress.

A SEO company is entitled to ask for a small retaining fee because of the work they must do to give you a realistic proposal. This should be backed by a definite work schedule or timetable so you can see what they are doing. They then need to provide analytic evidence of the advances your business is making.

Some internet marketing businesses ask for a huge retainer up front and this is a sure sign that they will not properly deliver on their promises.

You should consider that a really good SEO company is going to launch your business into realms that you otherwise could never reach so should be looked at as an asset, not an expense. Their value when first starting out is about the same as the cost of your shop rental and they are equally important. Like a retail shop the physical space you have is vital so people can visit you and in a virtual shop you do not pay floor rental, but you have pay for your customers to find you which is what SEO is all about


SEO is vital for all internet businesses, regardless of their size, whether they sell products or services. All internet sites need high quality organic traffic visiting them and staying long enough to discover what you are offering to make them viable without SEO you are a shop at night without lights